Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monaco!

::May 27th twenty.12 | Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monaco!::



On Sunday May 27th, Stace and I attended the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco! I have always loved open wheel racing and have been wanting to attend this event since I was a little kid.



In order to get to Monaco, we had to hop on a bus that drove up the coast from Nice. It was the most beautiful 30 min bus ride you could imagine! There were strikes at the train station which were causing a ton of problems for anyone trying to travel up and down the coast. This was a blessing in disguise because we probably would not have taken the bus otherwise.



Monaco is as amazing as it looks in the pictures. It is a gorgeous town built up around a harbor. And during the F1 race, it gets dressed up in its Sunday’s best and is packed with glitz and glamour.




The harbor was packed with the nicest yachts, sailboats and speed boats you could imagine. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars floating in the slips, just off the race track.




Stace and I walked around a bit and checked out some of the activities surrounding the race. We hiked up to a parliament building that sits on a cliff overlooking Monaco and the harbor. The views up here were stunning, giving you a panoramic view of the coast and the city.




When it came time for the race, Stace and I threw in our earplugs and headed to our seats in tribune t. Our seats were two rows up from the track, right in the middle of a chicane. We were just up off the harbor and faced the pits. These were amazing seats because we could see bits and pieces of the pit action as well as watch the cars come down into the chicane, down-shifting rapidly before accelerating hard our of the corner. It was awesome to see the drivers navigate one of the most technical parts of the track. It also was a place on the track where it helped bunch up the traffic so we got to see some bumper to bumper racing.


I am a huge fan of Team Red Bull so I was pulling for Sebastian Vettel and his teammate Mark Webber! Sebastian was the overall F1 champion last year AND the Red Bull team won the Constructors trophy. Sebastian was also the winner at last years Monaco Grand Prix. Stace was also rooting for Red Bull but was having an affair with team Mclaren Vodafone’s driver, Jensen Button… Why do you ask? Well it’s not because she likes the teams race strategy, or because she is a Vodafone carrier. She was simply rooting for Jensen because of his dashing good looks! haha



Watching the race was an amazing experience! The cars are the fastest road course cars in the world. They rev to over 18,000RPM’s and their sound is unmistakable. Once the green flag was dropped it was pretty much all Team Red Bull. The race was a really close race but was relatively accident free. Most of the laps were run under green flag and Mark Webber led most of them after setting pole (actually, Michael Shumacker set pole but a penalty from the Spain race set him back a couple places). Sebastian Vettel led the race for a while before giving it back to Webber.



In the end, Mark Webber held on for the win and Sebastian Vettel came in 4th. As for Jensen Button and Team McLaren Vodafone? Well I don’t remember his specific placing but it wasn’t in the top 10 😉


It started to sprinkle during the last couple of laps and shortly after the checkered flag was dropped it began to pour. It would have been nice to hang around Monaco for a while and stay close to the action but we decided to brave the rain at the bus stop after seeing hoards of people making their way there… Overall it was an amazing day, one that we will both always remember!


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