Lake Bled – Oasis in the Mountains of Slovenia!

::Lake Bled, Slovenia | June 27th, Twenty.12::


Stace and I stayed at a place called Hosteller which is located about a 10 min walk from Lake Bled.



This was a small but adequate hostel run by a really nice guy named Tom. He gave us a map of Bled and basically gave us a virtual tour of the area.




Since we were here a couple of days ago, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.


First things first, we made our way to the mini golf course and shot a round of 18.


Mini golf is a tradition for Stace and I and we always place wagers on the game. Usually she smokes me and things weren’t looking any different today since she scored a hole in one on the third hole! Pure luck :o)


(Uh oh, here comes the club throw…)

But, things took a turn for the worse on the back nine for her. As a matter of fact, on one of the holes she shot somewhere in the twenties!


We stopped counting and had to just move on since some people had caught up to us. It was hilarious to watch and we were both laughing so hard that we were tearing up!


After golf we made our way back to Chili for some lunch! It was just as good as we could remember from the other day. We even got the same exact thing haha.



After lunch we decided to walk to the other side of the lake and hike up to this overlook spot that Tom told us about.


The circumference of the lake is about 7km so it was going to be a healthy walk.


We both joked about this being another underrated hike that we weren’t prepared for. We weren’t wearing our Vibrams but at least had a full bottle of water.


We got to the hiking trail that led up to the overlook and it was a pretty steep slope.




Stacey’s sandal ended up throwing in the towel about half way up. The sole separated from the rest of the shoe and was flapping around from about the ball of the foot back to the heel.


There was nothing we could do but keep going and hope it holds together. If that little mishap wasn’t bad enough, the woods around the hiking trail were home to many, many field mice. Stace doesn’t just dislike mice, she absolutely despises them! She’s not afraid of heights, flying, roller coasters, etc but she is afraid of mice haha.


So once she spotted on of them she freaked out a bit! She decided that should forge on though, what a trooper! After about 20 minutes we made it to the overlook and it was absolutely worth some mice and a broken sandal! Take a look for yourself :o)



The mosquitos were pretty bad in the area so we snapped some pics and admired the view until we were developing chicken pox. The trip down was a site that I wish could have been filmed by a camera crew. There were mice scurrying about everywhere and Stacey’s sandal was on it’s last life.

One mouse got too close for comfort so Stace grabbed a stick and threw it. The stick shattered, sending splintering shrapnel my way! About 4 or 5 mice later and Stace had had enough! I was laughing watching her throw sticks and she was laughing at herself until we were both in tears again.

It finally got to the point to where I put Stace on my shoulders and walked the rest of the way down the trail with her safely perched above.


Doing this in sandals down a steep dirt hiking trail in muggy heat is not easy haha. She shot some film of the whole thing on her phone and it’s pretty funny.


We finally made it back down to the lake and Stacey had to limp her sandal around the rest of the lake. We rewarded ourselves with a huge bottle of water before heading to a hotel that was going to have live piano music that night.


Well it turned out that it wasn’t quite the intimate concert we had hoped for. It was just the resident piano player in their restaurant… and a stuffy one at that!

So instead, we headed to a local pub and grabbed a beer and laughed about our mini golf and hiking episodes.


Then, we made our way back over to Chili for some dinner!! Yes, we ate at this place twice in the same day (three times in the course of 4 days). You should have seen the look on the servers face haha. This time however, we decided to change things us a bit. I ordered a chicken chimichanga and Stace got the equivalent of ricotta dumplings in a light mushroom sauce. Once again both the dishes were absolutely amazing! After dinner we made the walk back to our hostel and got some shut eye.


The next morning we got up early and went for a run up to the castle that overlooks Lake Bled.


We snapped some quick pictures and then took a winding hiking trail that led back down to the lake.


We did some lunges and single leg squats at various points of the descent so the legs were definitely burning! We grabbed some yogurt and fruit to go with our oatmeal that we enjoyed on the deck of the hostel.

We were leaving Bled today but had to make our way from the hostel to the little train station which was located on the other side of the lake.


There was no public transportation to the train station and the owner of the hostel couldn’t give us a ride because he was out getting his car worked on. So, we loaded up our bags headed out. We stopped in to a little restaurant called Smon where they serve pastries that are unique to Lake Bled and have been made there for many, many years.


We indulged in a couple of scrumptious pastries before throwing the bags on and making the 4 km hike to the train station.



The hike finished with a super steep incline that was preceded by a healthy set of stairs! With our legs and backs burning like mad we finally made it up to the station.


We had some spare time before our train departed so we grabbed a sandwich and some juice boxes at the only restaurant in the vicinity. We weren’t able to buy tickets for the train until about 6 minutes before it departed so we nearly missed it!


Once onboard, we settled in for an absolutely beautiful ride through the Slovenian countryside as we made our way to Venice, Italy!



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