Eindhoven: Just a Quickie…

::Eindhoven, Netherlands | July 21st – July 22nd, twenty.12::

After a quick train ride, Stace and I arrived in Eindhoven, Netherlands! You might be wondering, “What’s in Eindhoven?” Well, it definitely isn’t on Rick Steve’s Top 10 Europe Destinations but nevertheless, Stace and I have some important business to attend to here. (PS, we took this opportunity to charge our camera so we only snapped a couple of pics with Stacey’s phone…)


First order of business it to meet up with Matthew, who is one of Stacey’s friends and old co-workers. Matthew moved from Colorado to Eindhoven to pursue his passions which are rooted in health and wellness. Matthew is a Pilates teacher and a practitioner of the Franklin Method. He is essentially a movement educator! It’s always great when you can meet up with old friends in other parts of the world. Matthew was nice enough to let us spend the night at his place and take us out for a night on the town.


Our second order of business was picking up our tent! If you remember, Stacey and I shipped our tent as soon as we arrived in London (which was our first stop here in Europe). I don’t think we ever mentioned who we shipped it to or why we would bring a tent to Europe and not use it. Well, we shipped it to Matt here in Eindhoven and he has been holding on to it for us until we could swing by! You’ll find out why we brought a tent in the next couple of posts… I have a feeling it’s going to come in handy :)

Anyways, Matthew was an amazing and gracious host! When we arrived at his place, he greeted us with some vino and appetizers! After relaxing and catching up a bit, we jumped on some bikes and hit the town. Unfortunately, with only one night in Eindhoven, we didn’t have a lot of time!


We stopped by the brand new space that was being built out for the business Matthew is a part of: Studio Zuid voor Pilatestraining. You can check out their webpage here: Studio Zuid The studio space was on the top floor of a newer building that faced one of the main streets in the town center. The space was really cool and it was great to see Matthew’s dreams coming into fruition!


Matthew made reservations at an Indian restaurant that Stace and I normally would not have chosen. We ordered a plethora of different small plates that everyone shared and the food was absolutely amazing! Everything was packed with flavor… it made for a nice change of pace from pizza and beer… or eggs!

After dinner, we met up with one of Matthew’s friends and hung out for a couple of drinks on the patio of a bar in the town center. After that, we hoped on the bikes and cruised back home. Matthew only had two bikes so Stacey had to ride on the handlebars of the cruiser bike that I was manning. Let me tell you, riding with someone sitting on the handlebars is harder than it looks, especially as slow speeds! Thankfully I didn’t dump the bike (and my precious cargo)!

The next morning Matt made us a great breakfast as Stace and I packed up our bags. Matt has only been living in Eindhoven for a short while, and as such, doesn’t have a car. We looked up bus and train schedules and had a narrow window of time to catch a bus to the train station and then jump on the train to our next destination…. Thanks for your hospitality Matthew!


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